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    I skimmed the parts of the Byron report that were most relevant to me, and she actually talks a lot of sense.

    She's big on the idea that you can't remove all elements of risk from children's lives, as it's part of growing up. Some parents won't even let their kids go outside these days, it's as though gangs of kidnappers and murders lurk on every street corner.

    She's also recommending a campaign to make parents more aware of age ratings, which I completely agree with. I don't like the part where it looks like the games industry will have to pay, but if it stops the Daily Mail brigade thinking I should be locked up or burned at the stake because it was me that obtained the 18 rating for Dead Rising, I'm all for it.

    If I remember correctly she's also recommending the BBFC rate everything down to 12+. That's... going to be annoying.
    For a start it means I'll need to get footage of every cutscene in the game for just about every damn game we release. Irksome! On the plus side, maybe I can leverage the increased workload to get some staff :)

    I'd have liked to have seen them giving more consideration to beefing up the PEGI system and putting some legal weight behind it in this country. In its current state PEGI is a damn good try at making a rating system for all of Europe, which when you think about the differing cultures and mores of the 20-odd countries that are signed up to it is pretty impressive.

    All told, it seems like some fairly sensible suggestions and a pointing-out that parents and older people should try to understand games and age ratings, rather than burning them in big piles at some kind of Daily Mail rally.

    Oh, and Ann Diamond knows nothing and should probably not be given a national stage to spout her uninformed opinions. RE4 is a 15 game, it's not made for kids, the BBFC think it's for young adults and grown ups.
    Maybe we should have a special rating symbol - "not for vapid breakfast telly presenters"?
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