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    as a pretty serious former magic player (decent level tournament player with a Pro Tour qualification to my name) I'm really enjoying DOTP2012. Some of the new decks lack an interesting hook (there's a few too many mono-beatdowns in there for my taste) but it seems pretty well balanced and the new deck-tweaking, even if it isn't full construction, lets you customise a lot more than I was expecting. You can even convert some of the three colour decks into two colours if you want.

    The lack of full deck-building is always going to be controversial, but I suspect only for people who have never played magic at tournament level. For any given set of cards, a known "best deck" quickly emerges, and so you end up with an environment in which you only ever see two decks, the best deck, and a specifically targeted "anti-best-deck" deck. When you can confidently predict, just from the first land played, at least 95% of your opponents deck, it can get pretty frustrating.
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