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    has anyone sprung the 1200 points for Backbreaker? Id really like to hear if there's anything beyond the trial content that justifies the price.

    I've played the trial and its a really nice little game... a sort of dodge em up with THPS style "how far do you want to push your luck?" risk/reward scoring mechanics.

    But its also structured exactly like a mobile phone game. Each "level" is 30 seconds long and you are just churning through them... it's pure "bus stop" fodder, and in my experience those kinds of "burst play" titles don't really work on proper consoles.

    As others have said, I think for 800 I'd probably buy it, but 1200 seems a bit much. There's a couple of game modes locked from the outset that might have a different structure to them, and that might persuade me... anyone?
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