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    Vyggo wrote:
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    Ok just tried Might & Magic, it reminds me of puzzle quest, it's a match 3 game with rpg tones. It's not bad but I think I am going to pass for now.

    Calling it match 3 is overly simplifying it in my opinion. Positioning your armies (with different units) strategically for offence and defence is way more important, as is the timing of combining them to attack at the right turn. If the demo is the beginning of the game it just shows you a fraction of the depth.

    Yes you can position your armies of 3 to either defend by creating horizontal barriers or vertical and attack. I was expecting a more control your individuals characters type turn based affair like Vandal Hearts. The RPG genre seems to be getting mixed with every other genre of late and this is another example, it's a puzzle game that have a lick of RPG paint. I don't like the colour so I'll pass but other might enjoy.
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