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    SomaticSense wrote:
    Oh, another thing which pisses me off.

    It's Wednesday right? So I wonder what the new XBLA release(s) are. So I do the logical thing and go to Game Marketplace, Games, Game Type, Arcade, and up pops Joe Danger and Sonic CD as the most 'recently released'.

    "Yay" I thought, Sonic CD is out!

    Erm... it's just a goddamn trailer FFS. Good job there MS!

    /slow clap

    So now when I do the weekly ritual of checking the Live Arcade channel to see the new release, I won't actually know which are actually out, as they now seem to dump any old shit in there, themes, trailers, gamerpics, you name it.
    Game Marketplace, Games, New Releases, and up pops the latest games.
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