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    After getting some cheap points and pissing off the people at HMV I now have Spelunky. And by god is it addictive. I played it for 4 hours last night and managed to get to the temple level. I don't think I'l unlock that third shortcut for a while though. The last item for it is a gold key from the mines? Fuck off I thought this was to make it easier.

    It reminds me a lot of Super Meat Boy, but with less precise controls (why can't you press up to climb up off a ledge/ladder instead of jumping?) and a little more unfair in its deaths. Those damn boomerangs somehow taking off 6 hearts or knocking me into insta-death spikes. It's still fantastic and full of little (and massive) secrets, including a nice little Evil Dead reference. Glad I got it now rather than waiting for a sale.
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