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    @St0rm All CS maps have a bias towards one side, don't forget you switch sides too... I know for PC that the classic competitive mode automatically does the switching but unsure for console.

    I feel some Info is needed for CS:GO, it's hard to see a game like this have people unsure as wether to buy due to fear of not liking it so I'll reveal what I know*:

    1. Every game is 5v5 either populated by bots, players, or both,
    2. If you die in casual competitive (I think that's it's name) you can resume playing by taking control of a bot, your kills will go towards that bits kill count and money count, not your own,
    3. If you type 'Kill' in console without the " followed by a player of your choice it kills them,
    4. It has a L4D style voting system; 'shuffle teams next map' 'next map is office' with a yes no vote,
    5. Three game modes:

    Gun game - Start with turd weapons, kill an enemy get another weapon, you respawn as soon as you die.
    Defusal? - Similar to above but your weapons get worse as you kill, has only 1 bomb site so is a hybrid between classic and gun game, I don't think you respan.
    Competitive - Terrorist plant, CT's Defuse, (some maps have hostage rescue), each kill and action earns moneys that you use to purchase weapons of your choice, the bread and butter of the games release this has 2 types:

    Casual - walk through team mates, take over bots, taser weapon, free armour and defused kits
    Classic - can't walk through team mates, can't take over bots, no tazer, armour must be purchased and only 2 random CT's start with a defusal kit unsure if you can buy more.

    6. When assault (a map) comes out, if a team mate makes you go through the vents first, it's a trap.

    *All discovered by watching youtubes

    I speak from nostalgia but it's one of the best team games I've ever played and there is a reason as to why most FPS titles use this series as a foundation, just please work on a controller...
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