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    Kay wrote:
    Just bought Mark of the Ninja on the strength of recommendations here, despite knowing very little about it (other than it's a 2D stealth game). It better be good!

    Also somewhat interested in Bully (which I believe is on sale throughout Christmas), but I read this on the wiki page:
    The Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition was found to be unstable on some players' consoles, resulting in glitches, crashes and performance issues. Rockstar promised to have a patch addressing these issues by the week of 10 March 2008, however the patch was delayed due to Microsoft Certification.[54] On 20 March, a patch was released via Xbox Live (v1.03), but there are reports which claim the problems have continued or worsened after patching.[55] The problems included audio issues, animation issues, and inability to complete Music classes due to differences between the Wii and Xbox 360 controllers. The most prevalent and common problem with the game is the unexplained freezing of the console, but not music being played on a connected MP3 player or hard drive. GameSpot, a game review website which bases its reviews on the initial public release, took the glitches into account and marked the 360 version of the Scholarship Edition down to a 7/10,[56] a full point lower than the Wii version, which received an 8.[57] The UK magazine NGamer gave the game 90%.
    Any truth in all that, or has it now been fixed?
    My lad bought it a couple of months ago. Never had any problems with it at all. And at 9 quid, its a steal.
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