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  • Deleted user 31 December 2012 08:40:58
    Right, I've gone through the sales bit of the Xbox dash to reach the Skyrim DLC offers, dl/d Dawnguard @800msp, and was about to buy Hearthfire when I realised that the sale price- 400msp - is what was reported as the standard price towards the end of Eurogamer's review. I was going to link to it but the forum's doing that bollocksy "forbidden" thing again, so you'll have to trust me that this quote's from Dan Whitehead's review:

    At 400 Microsoft Points, Hearthfire costs about as much as it's worth, and it's definitely a more interesting way of incorporating useful features into the world than simply having you unlock a pre-built house
    Any ideas as to what's going on? Did EG get it wrong in their review, or is Microsoft trying to pass off full-price products as discounted? What was the original price of Dawnguard, has that one actually been discounted either?
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