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    Ok, Terraria is actually really neat.

    Um-med and Ah-hed about it for ages, should have waited for the April thingy, should have waited for my reward points to cover the cost, should have cleared something else from my backlog before I purchased it.

    However, it's great. It was really, really easy to get people into multiplayer last night, and is initially a lot like Minecraft - get resources, build defences, get killed by everything new that you encounter.

    You can have a roster of different characters, differentiated only by their appearance, but when you move between your own created worlds, and into the worlds of your friends, you retain whatever you have in your inventory, and you also retain whatever 'recipes' you have for items, constructions and so on.

    If you start a new character, they can visit your existing worlds to take things from chests, but they have to learn recipes for things themselves, from scratch.

    It would be the easiest sell in the world at 800 points, I think - it's like a brilliant twin-stick 2D Minecraft game, made great fun with friends and although the controls do seem fiddly to start with, it's not long before you can efficiently dig, tunnel, ladder and light your way through the earth.

    At 1200 points it's an easy sell if you like Minecraft, or games you can sink a lot of hours into, or you want to play something different in split-screen. It does have a seemingly pretty big tech-tree you aren't privy to, so it's not really a drop-in and play kind of game because you don't receive recipes for new things until you've gathered resources for them, or found out about them from one of the NPCs you can move in to the house.

    It has a toggle for PVP mode, only Friends List members can join your games if they aren't set to invite only, and the map is groovy - a neat addition not in the PC version.
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