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    But of course, of course.

    CharlieStCloud wrote:
    I say this in the kindest possible way however, that zombie game looks really rough around the edges, like it is still going through the alpha and beta phase.
    Yeah, Monkehhh posted about it in the dedicated State of Decay thread, thus:

    monkehhh wrote:
    Sounds like the tearing was IGN's fault, though it does have other issues.

    "Please note, IGN's graphics were dramatically better than what you saw in the abortive Twitch stream yesterday, because that's the difference a month makes. The Twitch channel hostess was using an older build. IGN also has been totally honest with you. The tearing was their equipment - framerate and the sliding was not.

    Now I'll add my own honesty, although this is in a bunch of other threads (and why I'm sort of wondering why anyone thinks the forum's all rainbows and unicorn poop - we don't flinch from the dark side, here): The sliding is not going to get fixed. It's an engine issue, and you see it in multiple AAA games, let alone our XBLA game. I also do not believe the frame is going to get better. I'm positive the animations are final.
    ... [early reviews] acknowledge the issues, and say that if you like this kind of game, it just doesn't matter that much. In my own experience, that is true of any game. Give it a shot. The demo will be free."
    (SoD was built on CryEngine 3)
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