#3172532, By tedster11 speed dating: what NOT to ask.

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    I went once, there were 17 girls to get through. At half time everyone got back together with their mates and got on the booze again, but there was one girl stood all on her own. So I walked over to her and said hello and all she could say back in her think polish accent was "Why are you talking to me".

    Well Jesus, sorry love, that's what happens at these things and seeing as your all mateless and everything, making no effort to say hello to anyone, go flick your bean instead of standing there gawping at your booze.

    I recently heard of 'Speed Hating' which sounded a lot more fun. 3 Minutes of, "you've got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp", "yeah? Well you've got lopsided tits"...

    ...or something like that. Apparently that's a brilliant night out.
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