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  • Kitt-FDUK 10 Apr 2008 13:43:28 395 posts
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    Strangers don't notice I'm a girl , they just think I'm a little boy so I don't get any hassle there. But people seem to think I'm Welsh (I'm Scottish) which for some reason annoys me. When I play on Live though my lot tend to be in the majority so we don't get too much jip.

    One night we had this guy on our team in CoD4 who was American and he said "Fucking fags" every ten seconds. It didn't matter what we said n response, he still said it. I'm beginning to wonder if he had Tourette's Syndrome and maybe we should have left him be.

    I always use the feedback system though, both positively and negatively. It really makes a difference if we all use it.
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