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    How is this an abandoned list
    Farcry 2 = rubbish
    Prototype = untouched
    Ace Combat = Too hard
    Sacred 2 = something else came along, but i will go back to it
    PGR4 = got too hard
    Fallout 3 = bought a new game and this just felt like one big grind
    GTA IV = sucked
    DM4 = pissed off with the gyroscope things
    Oblivion = battles got too hard
    Ninja gaiden Sigma(ps3) way too hard got close but ..
    Ninja gaiden 2 (360) see above
    viva pinata = big pile of poop
    Overlord = fun then boring
    Flat out = lost interest/better game came along
    Lara Croft anniverary = got stuck then better game came along
    Lost Odyssey = got right to the end then got way too hard
    Motostorm 2 = better game came along
    Disgaea3 = will got back to this, not sure why i stopped
    SFIV = I just suck at it
    Tomb Raider Underword = the game is so glitchy and broken it pissed me off it kept killing me!
    Valkyria Chronicles = got stuck
    Conan = got bored
    Folklore = got fed up playing the same game with different charater (shame great game)

    Bad company 2 = ffs I am sick of gung ho USA fps games now, even the great ones.

    Mario Galaxy = bored the pants off me
    Mario Kart =bored the pants off me
    wii sport = sucked and bored the pants off me
    Zelda Twilight princess = wtf this is meant to be next gen forget it....
    Excite truck = see above
    medtroid prime = got bored

    In my defence I have just completed Heavy Rain, Dragon Age and the last FF game!
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