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    Kajazo wrote:
    I suppose taking all that crack had nothing to do with it?

    I assume that was me you're referring to? And No it didn't, unless video games are the new crack?

    Still need to finish these games as well

    The Lost and the Dammned
    The Ballad of Gay Tony
    Street Fighter - kept on getting bitchslapped by Rufus and Crimson Viper
    Fallout 3
    Bioshock - I'm somewhere near the end, I think (!)
    Stranglehold - Need to buy it again, i don't like the one achievement on my gamer profile
    Ninja Gaiden 2 - Like Street Fighter 4 the only reason for its existence is to constantly bitchslap me in terms of difficulty
    Lost Odyssey
    Final Fantasy 13
    Mirrors Edge
    Fable 2
    Dead Space
    Earth Defence Force

    Games i've given up on

    Forza 2 - Dull and lacks a sense of speed. I found Forza 3 ito be way more interesting
    Battlefield Bad Company
    Burnout Paradise
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