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    Child of Eden

    Too much of it is shooting alien creatures in alien worlds; it's nowhere near abstract enough. There's barely any content at all, with loads of repeated assets. Can't believe they charged full price for it.

    I only played about 2 hours of this before I'd had enough and popped it back in the post to Lovefilm.

    Little Big Planet 2

    Why oh why didn't they do anything about the terrible imprecise controls? The obvious charm of the game itself just became increasingly whittled away by frustration at the shitty controls, much like with LBP1.

    James Bond Bloodstone

    What a sorry end for Bizarre. The shooting sections are like something you'd see in a PS2 game of a decade ago, and the driving/boat sections are a total disappointment coming from the PGR devs. Think I made it to the end of the Turkey levels before asking myself why in hell I was still bothering.
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