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    skuzzbag wrote:
    Skyrim - I thought a break would do me good so I loaded back up and was standing in a shop with my bags full. Ok so lets sell all this crap, oh right I remember you have to bend over fucking backwards to sell all your stuff in one go.

    It's a fantastic game hindered by strange technical decisions designed to just slow you down needlessly.

    I don't know if I can be arsed to spend a whole evening selling the stuff I find.
    I had similar problems with Skyrim...

    "Hey look! let's go over there! woooo! oh wait, there's 1 npc in the way! no problem, I think I'll use my sword!.. oh wait.. not that one (pause + inv) I mean that one (unpause +inv) oh.. dammit, not the bow (pause and inv), I'm sure I had a (pause + inv).. something... somewhere.. oh no, hang on.. (unpause +inv) let's try a spell..(pause +inv + skills).. do I have a fire one? yeah.. fire rules! (unpause +inv) oh.. you mean I need a heal too? (pause + inv + skills) oh right.. ermm, I'm OOM? seriously? (pause +inv).. oh right.. nvm, he's gone.. this game rules, the combat is SO fluid (PAUSE)
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