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    Banjo Tooie

    I just couldn't take it anymore. The first one was brilliant but this one just thought making everything bigger would make it better but instead, it makes it more frustrating.

    Even with the warp pads, it was ridiculous the number of times I got somewhere only to find:
    A) I had to be Mumbo
    B) I had to be Banjo without Kazooie
    C) I had to be Kazooie without Banjo
    D) I had to be changed into something by the other Shaman
    E) I hadn't learnt the required moves
    F) A combination of 2+ of all these

    And the amount of things you had to collect, feathers (red and gold), jiggys, notes, honeycombs, eggs, fire eggs, ice eggs, grenade eggs, clockwork eggs, jingos, empty honeycombs and a lot of the quests were find 4 of this, defeat 5 of that, some even required you to backtrack back and forth between the worlds. It was very overwhelming.

    It also introduced FPS sections and the aiming was a bit off.

    Overall, only play if you are a diehard collectathon fan and don't mind extensive backtracking.


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