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    Need For Speed Most Wanted - PS3 (the new one)

    IMO NFS MW (2012) is suffering an identity crisis. It might say NFS on the cover but its got burnout DNA running through it (same dev's I know) with cops included. Im a fan of burnout paradise and liked the old NFS MW and Hot Pursuit on the XBOX360 but this doesnt translate into a very good game at all.

    One of the most annoying things is the slow mo crash cam which takes contrtol away. Looks cool the first few times but it takes so long that by the time control is handed back to you the AI racers have taken off and so you try harder only to hit something else. The end result is that it takes away any flow to the racing and leads to frustration (for me anway)

    +Points? Ive given up trying to like it/enjoy it and it looks nice and shiny and has a decent car selection....but that about it.
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