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    About Assassin's Creed 3:

    I said in the AC3 thread how much I was enjoying it when I was at Sequence 8 or 9. I didn't mind the slow start, I loved the character revelation at Sequence 3 and for the first time I actually found myself reading a lot of the Database entries as I'm quite interested in this period of American history. And that's the reason it fell down for me towards the end.

    After the drawn-out opening, it felt like the rest of the tale was rushed through to the point where all the different missions and stories became disjointed. One of my homesteaders had a four-year pregnancy and I was still hunting for one of the main Templar characters after I'd killed him on the Naval missions.

    I know you get this in open-world games, but AssCreed had avoided it previously by making the side missions less story-based.

    Anyhow I did complete it, but it wasn't quite the game it promised to be.
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