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  • Deleted user 31 January 2013 19:03:02
    Wish me luck.

    At the moment i'm uninstalling all of my PC games. All of them.

    I was sat for about an hour earlier on looking at my Steam collection, my Gamersagte and D2D accounts and i just can't drum up any interest anymore in anything i have (a couple of hundred games).

    I was trying an "hour a game" challenge-type-thing earlier in the week with what i still had on my machine. Set a timer on my tablet for one hour, start a game and when the timer ends i decide whether i keep the game on my HDD or not.

    No games survived after a couple of days of doing this so i think i'm done to be honest and i'm just binning everything.

    I can still play the odd bit of BLOPS2 MP and FIFA on my 360 but sitting down to finish a game is an idea i dread now. I might buy the odd game now but it will be *GASP* casual light and breezy shit.

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