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    RyanDS wrote:
    Okami hd. Fuck me, been "playing" for half an hour and haven't even started, it's just page after page of the slowest moving text I have ever seen, in any good game this would have lasted five minutes max. The text appears on the screen at around a word every three seconds, then every five words you need to press x to move to the next five words. Jesus Christ, it as if the game was designed for a five year old who had to have mommy spell and say each word slowly to explain, and all this with the most annoying sound effects behind and some grating noise that I think is meant to be the voice of the narrator or witch or something.

    Probably the first game I have ever abandoned without actually playing, life is too short to see how much further this intro lasts.

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    You're making a mistake, once you get past the first shitty hour you're in gaming glory.
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