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    ZuluHero wrote:
    You give up on a lot of games, are you sure gaming is for you? :p
    I reckon I complete 90% of the games I play, I tend to have a compulsion to finish.

    When I do give up on games it's usually the first hour or two where they don't grab me. From memory the only games I've abandoned in the last couple of years are GTA4 (boring), Bayonetta (2 hours in), Okami (30 minutes in), Xenoblade (final boss), Bioshock 2 (1 hour in), Two Worlds 2 (just plain broken) and Halo 3. Theres probably more, whereas I tend to complete 2 or 3 games a month. I just get pretty vocal about stuff I don't like. Stuff I like I enjoy quietly, stuff that annoys me gets a rant here.
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