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    I recently played through MGS4 again after nearly 4 years to collect some trophies and still think the game is great to play and experience. I remember doing at least 10 playthroughs back in my gaming heyday of 2008 to get every single emblem and fully unlock everything. I do feel rather fatigued now though and I've now discovered that I have to do it all over again to get the platinum trophy. Fuck that man! This has to be one of the biggest grinds in gaming history. I could perhaps tolerate another Big Boss emblem playthrough if there was a trophy for it, but to unlock every single emblem? AGAIN?! Seriously fuck off with that shit developers!

    I've unlocked 88% of trophies and leaving it at that. No way do I have the time or patience to go through that game another 8 times these days. I've played MGS4 to death now so will patiently wait for MGS5 instead. I've near permanently abandoned MGS4 now I think. I've already finished it loads of times and my latest playthrough confirms I have no real desire to replay it in the future. The ludicrous trophy list, whilst not essential, further strengthens my decision.

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