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    Ironlungs76 wrote:
    My perseverance surprises me. I had all but given up on Borderlands 2 (despite adoring the first) as it was a grindy mess imo.

    I've played a couple more hours this week and it's going OK but it's not the sort of game that I want to play compulsively for hours on end.

    It's very grindy, the humour is ok (not as good as the first imo again) and it's over hard in certain areas.

    I know there is a big pot of happiness waiting for me to finish it but I'm not sure when that will be. I bought it on release and have just got to the bit after attacking Jack's city

    I'm either really forgetful or it goes to show how memorable that area was that I can't remember what the fuck it was called!

    So far a 5/6 at best and it's a real drag :(
    REALLY benefits from multiplayer co-op with buddies (like most games) but it helps to mask the grindyness
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