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    It's funny you should mention the towing mission, because that was also a point when I thought, this just isn't fun anymore. I expected something else to happen or it to be building to something, but after 3 or so variations it isn't. It is just literally towing cars from one place to another.

    I actually thought Tonya said something to the effect that meant the missions were finished, but there she is waiting again. You can shoot her in the head, kill her and she still comes back (BTW Michael can't shoot his wife though for some reason, although I did 'die' on top of her and brought her down with me which made me chuckle).

    So far the only new mechanic that expanded my attention for a minute was the petrol cans. But the stream burns out instantly so you can't get much fun from that. Shot a train driver in the head, but the train just keeps going. Continues chugging along, long after it's driving force has been extinguished. A suitable metaphor for the series itself if I was an utter ponce.
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