#3181535, By tedster11 Do you guys have any like stipulations about adverts when clients approach you?

  • tedster11 3 Apr 2008 11:37:16 575 posts
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    do you mean Issues or are you asking what our requirements/requests would be?...

    I don't know if you can 'have' stipulations but anyway.

    Yeah they're all very annoying, especially when they hide the cross. To be honest in all my years surfing the net, so about 10 years I guess, I must have only ever clicked an advert twice. Advertising in general sucks dick and I hate it all. You can't move in London without a billboard selling at you or something popping up somewhere shouting, "Look at me I'm great!". It leaves me thinking if you really are great you wouldn't have to shout and scream about it. Advertisers are scum! :)

    (Sorry to be pedantic git but is there any need for the 'like'?

    /retreats back into grammar cave
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