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    I actually rate Hot Fuzz a lot higher than Shaun of The Dead. It's certainly more conducive to repeat viewings. And the last half hour of Shaun is a bit of a shambles tbh.

    That GIF is hilarious.
    I agree with you there, I love SotD but the shift in tone to almost straight horror/action in the last half hour is jarring, and it suffers as a comedy for having barely any jokes once the pub is under seige.

    Hot Fuzz on the other hand drags a bit too much for the first half hour as it establishes all the characters, but is excellent for the rest of the film IMO.
    Exactly my thoughts on SotD and Hot Fuzz. Absolutely love both films, I'm surprised to see a fair amount of Hot Fuzz hatred in this thread... trumps SotD in a number of areas for me. But they are both great, if I'm channel surfing and one of them is on, I invariably end up watching it.

    Paul was average at best, not a patch on either. This new trailer looks good to me, people need to chill out, it's just a fooking trailer. Looking forward to the film.
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