#9462867, By JoeBlade Ordering a Large Pizza for myself

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    This thread reminds me of the one time we ordered pizza while on holiday in Rio. The menu listed three sizes: medium, large and "gigante".

    Now, in pizza places back home a large is often just enough for one person and considering food is fairly cheap in most places in Brazil compareed to our standards we decided to order a gigante each. We reasoned that would be more or less the same as a large considering the menu had three sizes just like here.

    While we were ordering we noticed the waiter is snickering increasingly as we listed our picks, which rose suspicion among us.
    Once they started bringing out the pies we understood why: turns out a gigante is something Brazilians order for groups of between two and four people; a single slice is almost the size of a small pizza over here.

    Most of us managed to finish about half their pizza, I actually fell short by just one piece of a complete gigante.
    I was legendarily quiet the rest of the day.
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