#3187050, By King_Cnut Murderers out in 18 months

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    Micro_Explosion wrote:
    Link to the story, which always helps.

    They pushed him, he hit his head on the floor and died. They've already served a significant amount of the original 4 year sentance so the thread has started off being sensationalist and inaccurate.

    Without more details it sounds like it may be a reasonable sentence, although tragic.

    No, as others have pointed out, they held a knife to his throat and then one of them punched him. He then fell and fractured his skull and that ultimately caused his death.

    If I tripped someone accidentally on the pavement and they fell and broke their skull I would be a bit peaved if I got banged up for murder.

    If I was pissed up, fancied a fight, and was carrying a knife then I punched a bloke ... then he hit his head and died, I reckon I know I'd be in the shit.

    unless I said I was really sorry obviously, and had a good lawyer.

    How does a life equal 4 years, let alone 18 months.

    Did I mention the 18 months?
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