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    theleedslads wrote:
    Erm..... a bit off topic, but anyone think the graphics are shoddy?!

    Just wondered if it was same story on PS3 version because might swap formats.

    I posted something along these lines on my forum last night:

    "Are GTA IV's graphics... badly stippled for any other Xbox 360 owners? Almost immediately after starting to play, I've noticed that the edges of shadows in particular are really heavily stippled. I haven't noticed problems with any other games, so I wonder if it's just the way GTA IV is."

    Another poster suggested I turn on "Game mode" or "Movie mode" on my Samsung, and also pointed out the following comments from a GTA IV article:

    "The difference is the way they look. Apparently, according to Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser, the Xbox 360 version looks "more clinical" while the PS3 one has a "softness" to it. [...] It has the same artistic stippling graphic effect that Rockstar likes to stick on a lot of its games, but the frame rate was rock solid - and the draw distance and atmosphere of the city simply phenomenal."

    I have found the stippling most noticeable when driving along the road underneath the elevated train tracks in the start area - the shadows on the road are really obviously stippled. It's really noticeable, and I find it distracting and disappointing. Most of the rest of the time, though, it's not as bad.
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