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    deem wrote:
    tedster11 wrote:
    Rooney wrote:
    5 nerds looking at a girl? what's tht got to do with your title?

    I didn't even notice that...

    That's actually quite wonderful.

    Please tell me you mean this.

    I just 'stumbled upon' it last night and so didn't know the website. I didn't get the picture at first and saw the 6 nerds looking at something, scrolled down and saw the two blokes gaming with towels on and thought it was bloody hilarious.

    It's not a particularly funny photo if it's just some blokes looking at a girl, that happens all the time. It's just the fact the towel covered gamers are slightly off the centre of the shot, which gives the picture a deeper level of comedy! It's funny cos it's understated and real. Plain ridiculous behaviour!

    edit: And I did get that the photo was initially posted for the point of highlighting that nerds find it funny watching other nerds qawp and girls at a game convention.

    ....anyway, enough explanation, the point is, gaming with towels on is FUCKING RIDICULOUS!
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