#3208610, By unikaman am i allowed to talk about the ps3?

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    Gremmi wrote:
    unikaman wrote:
    as for nintend the are more clever in their lies. the promote the wii as a brilliant gaming experience. the reality. its total crap. my son has one. i have played it many times and it truly sucks. most people who buy them stop using them after the first month when they realise how crap it is.

    So how come you've voted a few Wii games 10/10 in your Owned List?

    good point. i grouped all the games in my house. including my sons wii anf my wifes ds.

    also you may have noticed i have no 360 games on there. just in case this is brought against me. i must defend myself.

    i used to be a proud owner of a 360 and had loads of games for it unfortunately it died on me and the replacements. so that why i dont have one now.

    BRILLIANT MACHINE though especially gears of war and halo3
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