#3209189, By unikaman am i allowed to talk about the ps3?

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    Gremmi wrote:
    unikaman wrote:
    with all the problems in the world today and the stresses of daily life on all of us, do you think i really care as to whether i use a capital letter in the beggining of my post.

    Sounds like you should kill yourself.

    I mean, if it's gotten to the stage where you don't use capital letters because children are dying in Africa or something, you know there's no coming back from that. Soon you won't be typing at all, instead screaming redfaced at the keyboard, hoping your soundwaves will somehow depress the keys for you.

    But still, the children die, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    I only shout at the keyboard when someone shoots me in Unreal 3
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