#3209236, By unikaman am i allowed to talk about the ps3?

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    Is anything important?

    when it comes to gaming its not really that important in the great scheme of things but it sure passes the time and is a lot of fun.

    When it comes to gaming its not really that important. In the great scheme of things but it sure passes the time and is a lot of fun. (this repated part of the post wad dedicated to the wanabee teachers on this forum)

    My five cents.

    On an online forum you really have to get on with people or else every post you make will eventually end up ignored, spammed or derailed.

    When you're joining a well established forum, there is an certain flow to it, which to intergrate, you really can't expect to piss against the wind and not antagonise the more established members.

    It is of course your perogative to be who you are, you have a choice to be yourself but that same choice extends to everyone else and right now a lot of people think you're a bit of a cunt.

    You've proved that you write in a coherant manner, you probably have a lot to offer the forum but if it's your intention to just be antagonistic then your time here will be an unhappy one, which would be a shame, because it's a cool place to be.

    I'm not telling you how you should act but I am giving you an accurate barometer of how it is here.

    If i have to be honest with you. I am not normally like this but this forum has to be the rudest and most hostile forum i have ever been in. I normally only check for the latest gaming news on Eurogamer but a friend of mine joined and told me how good the features on the website are, like entering the games you have and such like.

    Being as there was a forum aswell i thought i would have a look.

    I am being truly honest here and i am not the only one who has said it in this thread. The members on this forum are truly hostile to new members, basicall y you are like schoo bullies who cant wait to see who is new in the school year so you can pick on them.

    you have done that as i witnesses yesterday with another new forum member and now you are trying it with me today.

    The problem for you is though is that i will not put up with bullies and rudness so i am standing my ground and thats what you dont like.

    I have never had to defend myself before on any other forum i have been on. So with that track record i maintain that this website is full (not all i may add) of rude bullies.
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