#3209322, By unikaman am i allowed to talk about the ps3?

  • unikaman 13 Apr 2008 17:55:27 63 posts
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    elredeyegrande wrote:
    Create a group for yourself. Give it a witty title, and talk about the PS3 there to your heart's content.

    I am not all about the ps3 i have other machines aswell. My post here was initialy was is it ok to talk about the PS3 as this forum seems quite hostile towards it.

    If i want to talk about the ps3 there are many other forums i can go to. I dont need this one but as i mentioned i wont be bullied to not come on here because of rude people.

    It is just incredible how hostile you all are to the ps3. I am not trying to defend it, why should i but were does all this hostility come from.
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