#3209374, By unikaman am i allowed to talk about the ps3?

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    seasidebaz wrote:
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    lost_soul wrote:
    You came in here accusing people of being fanboys and then, when they start winding you up, you call them bullies.

    Can you really not see where the friction is coming from?

    I put a post on here in the PS3 section wondering why it was that if anyone talked about the ps3 In (i repeat) in the ps3 section why they were getting slammed for their comments and unfortunately most of the answers generally came from microsoft is better.

    If i went onto the 360 section and said the PS3 is brill i would expect a bad response, you dont expect the same response from the sevtion you are meant to be able to talk about the ps3.

    This needs to be sorted for other new members who, excited by their purchase come on here thinking they can talk about it but then get ripped apart by other members.

    don't take the forum titles literally. i like the ps3 and i get shot down as a fanboy, despite the fact i have a wii as well and a gamerscore of 7,000+ something. it's a fact of life that the human race likes to feel superior to itself. or you, as the n00b.

    Thanks it nice to see someone nows where i am coming from.

    Not talking behind his back (as he can read all of these posts) but what is fluffytuckers problem?
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