#3209400, By unikaman am i allowed to talk about the ps3?

  • unikaman 13 Apr 2008 18:18:25 63 posts
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    paul_haine wrote:
    unikaman wrote:
    lost_soul wrote:
    You came in here accusing people of being fanboys and then, when they start winding you up, you call them bullies.

    Can you really not see where the friction is coming from?

    I put a post on here in the PS3 section wondering why it was that if anyone talked about the ps3 In (i repeat) in the ps3 section why they were getting slammed for their comments and unfortunately most of the answers generally came from microsoft is better.

    Maybe that's how it all happened in your head. What I've been seeing is you posting here saying "hey, you all seem like bullying cocks, what's that all about?", and then when nobody really took to you, you started playing the hero, insisting that nobody would be bullying you away, not nobody, not no how.

    If you're going to pre-emptively have a go at people for slamming the comments you haven't yet made about whatever console you want to talk about, you shouldn't be too surprised if you don't find many regulars cheering you along. If you start from an antagonistic point of view, that's what you'll usually get in return.

    Good post and it may seem like that to you but this post came from events from another poster yesterday who`s comments were ripped to shred because he dared say he liked a ps3 game. when i replied and agreed about his comment they started attacking me.

    I then start a post to try and find out how acceptable it is to post about the ps3 in this forum and i was met with a hostile response.

    Can you tell me how i should have responded?
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