#3217195, By bainbrge Gordon Brown - What is he doing?

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    neil74 wrote:
    President Weasel wrote:
    The council tax is a great idea unless you're "feral" (i.e. poor) and live several to a house. But curse those poor people who don't know their place and think they have some sort of democratic right to protest. We should have put down those riots with cavalry charges like in the good old 19th century.

    And the hordes of benefit cheats, dole scroungers and immigrants who are dragging this country down - no NHS for them. In fact, in a properly run country, they'd be herded into camps!


    So a family of 6 paying the same council tax as a single person living alone is fair?

    Why don't we just convert to communism then everybody will be equal.

    the single person would get a 25% discount actually.
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