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    Quint2020 wrote:
    captain_cupcake wrote:
    Quint2020 wrote:
    I think it might be something to do with my CSS.

    I haven't gone through it, but off the top of my head IE needs a strict doctype for :hover pseudoclass on non-anchor elements; always good to follow the LOVE-HA! (LVHA) rule too:

    Link Visited Hover Active should appear in that order

    Code from CSSPlay?

    *googles* lol.

    Cheers for this mate i'll check it out and see if i can get the bugger working, i'm pretty new to this so it's a bit of a baptism of fire.

    If you mean the menu code, i followed a tutorial on some site, it was quite good in the fact the it taught me quite a few different things while i stumbled through it.

    :D. Probably won't fix it, but it will something like that...

    Yes the code looks remarkably like this: http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/dd_valid.html

    and Stu is one of THE gurus, so praps you could grab something from there anyways. Good luck :)
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