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    Ka-blamo wrote:
    You get 1 mobile phone upgrade, you get a bit of money and nothing to spend it on other than guns and some clothes, nothing to save up for, no big rewards for anything you do.... once you've bought everything (which doent take long) money is worthless.
    That was one of the things that broke the game for me. After you do the bank heist you have more money than you could spend on in-game stuff unless you squander it all on RPG ammo.

    So all the constant pandering to the McFuckin'FuckityFuck family and taking on dangerous shit from wankers for scant reward is ridiculous in terms of storyline.

    Aside from the over-riding arc to hunt down his nemesis and get even with the bad guy, Nico had no motivation to keep on earning 5k or 10k doing side missions when he had half a million in the bank.

    In San Andreas there was a sense of progression. Your character bettered himself and the lives of everyone that mattered to him. That kind of progression was worth striving for. I wanted to make it to San Fierro and make it big there. I wanted to learn to fly the planes properly, own that airfield and, eventually, I wanted to go back to Grove Street and take care of the unfinished business there.

    I've completed both GTA IV and San Andreas twice and if I was given the option of an HD remake of San Andreas instead of another iteration in the style of IV I'd take that remake in a heartbeat.

    For me, gaming is about escapism, and GTA has always been escapism on steroids. There just wasn't enough of that in GTA IV. It was a sandbox game with all the sand either taken out or only available to you at set times.
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