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    Benno wrote:
    GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption are two off the top of my head.
    And the currency/character motivations in GTA IV become completely farcical at less than 50% of the way through the story after you've done the bank job with the Sweary McFucksalot family.

    I was so ridiculously loaded after that point that me and my cousin could go out on the lash, play pool, go to a titty bar, or bowl every night of the week for the rest of our days because we'd never have to work again.

    But no... for some reason Nico stooped to take every poxy life endangering job out there to earn a few grand at a time, despite having half a million bucks sitting in the bank.

    Never thought to wire some cash home so his mother could afford a better standard of vodka, did he?

    Mercenary, soulless, misery guts.

    Man I really did find GTA IV a chore at times.
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