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    Yeah - the on-foot controls were always noticeably broken to me as far back as GTA III upon launch, but the concept and freedom were so impressive that it was easy to overlook the shortcomings.

    I can't really be fussed with the PS2 version of Vice city, as the aiming is so utterly terrible that it's sucked the fun out of the missions I'm stuck on. I've got the Steam version running in HD in Win XP, so I'll see what I can do with that over the next few months. Also wouldn't mind revisiting Vice City Stories to see if I can finish that. Abandoned it before the end due to some of the same annoyances in terms of terrible on-foot controls / aiming, (lack of decent) checkpoints and lack of autosave.

    Apparently Max Payne's gun controls are great, and Red Dead's were really decent, so the best of those worlds should make it over to V. We'll see... as they've really taken a terribly long time to get a handle on some of this stuff.

    There's still nothing quite like San Andreas in terms of size, variety, story and scope in that type of game. GTA IV is obviously more like III, and the closest to San An and Vice is probably TBOGT. V's looking like it's going to blow things wide open again. Probably 2015 at least before we see GTA VI on the next gen consoles in Vice City, eh?

    Can't wait... lots to play in the meantime, however. I'm overloaded with great gaming content from across the years at the moment!

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