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    DarkSpaceDS wrote:
    killersrquiet wrote:
    GTA iv a turd? Granted it lacked the fun of previous games but its still a great game and one I'll be playing up until GTA V
    The world Rockstar created for GTA IV was excellent but it was as boring as watching paint dry for me. There was absolutely no variety in missions as it was just go point A kill this enemy go point B and kill that unlike the PS2 trilogy where the missions are actually fun.

    I would honestly rather play the very dated GTA3 even with all of its graphics and control flaws than play GTA IV.

    When I played GTA IV it felt Rockstar pulled a prank on me and the joke was on me. I was expecting that they were going to expand on San Andreas not go back to basics.
    Someone didn't play Gay Tony.
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