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    @Maturin Ha yes, my train demise came originated from me sniping drivers on the freeway as a fun way of nabbing a car.

    This escalated when a sniped driver veered off road into a pedestrian and subsequently ahouse. the passenger got out and i shot them too (of course).

    This was unfortunately all witnessed by an officer of the law. so i shot her.

    shooting cops is like killing wasps, more just keep turning up. so, i turned into pest control. however i eventually got swarmed and made my escape. That escape ended when i had my wheels shot out and skidded to a halt on the train crossing.

    this prompted some more pest control (with a grenade launcher) and soon the level crossing was littered with burnt out vehicles.

    THEN I heard 'clang! clang! clang!' and saw the barriers coming down, a glance to the right and sure enough the train is coming! GLORIUS!

    The train ploughs through everything sending cars hundreds of meters in to the air. Trevor makes good his escape and clambers aboard the moving train, heading to the engine.

    Half a minute later Trevor's there, this is going to be great!

    I hop down in front of the driver, but i slip and sudednly dissapear under the train in a big red streak.

    goodbye trevor. the end.

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