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    So obviously the whole genius of Mario Kart's design is its plethora of extremely irritating gameplay elements which one transcends to reach the special love zone. But of these irritating things, which are the worst? I'm thinking of Mario Kart Wii, but comments on any version are welcome...

    Blue shells are the obvious answer, but am I alone in finding that you eventually accept them, whereas some things never fade?

    Here are my top (?bottom) three:
    3. Those Big Concrete Blocks Which Are Very Angry At Their Lot - Although I can't say I blame them
    2. Monty F*ing Mole - Although this is mostly 'transferred irritation' from Strikers Charged
    1. The Squid - He never bothered me as a rookie player, but now I'm a bit better he invariably completely vexes me. If I ever meet the squid irl, he and I are taking a little trip DOWNTOWN

    Honourable mention: The bit in Delfino Square after the bridge jump where the slow terrain sticks out just a little bit too early and you always bloody go over it. Who's with me?!?!
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