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    I remember my first mark down for being unsporting was playing Chromehounds, it was me and two other EGers against some Japanese players I think. I was in my usual commander role so spending most of my time looking at the map talking to the other two as they hunted down the enemy.

    I think I got a notification that another player had just come on line so I was going to send them an invite so popped open the blades (showing how long ago it was), the blade got stuck. So I've got half a screen of blade and the other half the game, I can still talk to my comrades but can't move. They get wasted as I couldn't help any more, then the enemy took about 5 minutes tracking down my prone hound. I obviously got killed fairly quickly and the game ended. At this point I let them get their just rewards and power off and on.

    The gits all downvoted me, even though I didn't drop which most people would have done and they won anyway.

    I don't think it was me being unsporting.
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