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  • Deleted user 13 September 2011 00:41:51
    danathjo wrote:
    Been selling on Ebay for quite a while now put have just come across a bit of a weird one.

    Sold Infamous 2 yesterday evening, no instant payment, checked today lunch and no payment. Have just checked again (along with Paypal) and annoyingly no payment yet...will wait a bit longer, not the first time someone's taken their sweet time though.

    The weird bit is when looking in 'my Ebay sold' section where it shows you all the details of the item it had 'buyer marked this item as payment sent on 2011-09-12'

    Huh? No he hasn't. Guy's got 100% from almost 200 people feedback so I don't think it's a scam but how is he able to mark as payment sent?

    Should I be waiting for a cheque in the mail? Thought I had it as Paypal only.

    Have contacted him so will hopefully hear back soon but just a little confused.

    Any help appreciated.
    He could have sent a cheque or manually sent the money via Paypal to the wrong email address. Unlikely he'd go round the automated process but not impossible. Send him a message and ask. Communication is the best policy on eBay, even if he doesn't respond, because at least then you have evidence of trying should it go to a claim.
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