#3250842, By masc.box Emergency Tax?

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    Dirtbox wrote:
    You'll get the surplus back when you get a tax code. If you have a P45 from a previous job you can expedite this, or you'll have to fill out a P46 (I think).

    Exactly, you should make sure you have filled in a P46 with your employer , this will tell your employer what tax code to use, which in turn tells them how much tax to deduct from you, if they're doing things properly the new tax code they will use will refund that tax you had over-deducted from you through your wages.

    Based on that income you've got there you shouldn't be paying any tax. The tax free allowance is approximately 100 pounds per week (5225 per year) so if you earn less than that you should have no tax to pay.
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