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    I was up for some non whoring advice. Nothing against that kind of thing but I'm off with the girlfriend and she frowns on it a bit.

    Anyway, saw superfurry animal's epic post but also wanted some more recent advice. Looking for a decent hotel with a good location and a nice pool. Used to stay at the boardwalk a lot but they knocked it down. Would prefer something cheaper as I will only sleep on the room; at the same time if there is a place that's undiscovered or good value but still expensive I would try that.

    Also what to do? In my youth I played cards and got ruined but I need some coupley romantic things. Was thinking gun range ( she likes that stuff) but also fancied a ranch tour or riding trip around the grand canyon. The hoover dam seems a bit shite, it's just a big dam. Any other ideas appreciated and any trip advice welcome.

    Any poker players that can recommend a card room? The one at the Bellagio was my default but apparently the Venitian is good these days, as is the MGM. Soft cash games and decent tourneys are what I am after.
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